This is documentation for Apprenda 7 and 8.
Documentation for newer version is available at

Create a New Application and Upload an Archive

To create a new application, click on the "plus" icon (New) on the left side of the bottom menu bar in the Developer Portal.  This will cause the Create New Application drawer to pop up, containing input fields for a new application's defining information:

  1. Enter your Application Name and Description as you would like them to appear to Tenants.  You can edit these later if you choose.
  2. Enter an application Alias, which represents a unique application identifier and will appear as part of the application URL unless a custom URL is specified later. An application alias cannot be changed once the application is created.
  3. Choose an Application Package (in the form of an Apprenda Archive) to be uploaded.  You can either select an archive from the local file system or enter an Application Package URL that points to the location of the desired archive.
  4. Click the Save & Continue button in the lower right.
Each application alias in the Apprenda Platform must be unique.  If you attempt to use an application alias that is already in use, you will be prompted to create a different one before you can continue.


When an application is created, Apprenda automatically creates Version 1 of the application, which will appear as the selected version in the pulldown menu on the upper right of the app's overview page.  When more than one version of an application exists, you are able to switch between them using this pulldown menu.  Next to the menu is shown the current stage in the application version's Lifecycle; all newly created versions of an application begin in the Definition stage.