This is documentation for Apprenda 7 and 8.
Documentation for newer version is available at

Accessing Subscribed Applications

From the Applications page, Apprenda Users can view all applications associated with their Organization's Account by means of the Your Applications matrix:

A Launch icon will appear to the right of all applications for which a User has been assigned a subscription.  A No Subscription icon will appear to the right of applications for which the User has not been assigned a subscription.

To access a subscribed application, all a User needs to do is click on the Launch icon.

Accessing Applications Directly

Users can always access their subscribed applications through the Applications page of the Account Portal by clicking on the Launch icon to the right of the desired application.  Clicking on the Launch icon opens the application in a new window. Users can visit the URL shown in this window directly instead of first entering the Account Portal to access the application.

Users who access an application by this method and who are not already logged into the Platform will be prompted to enter their Apprenda username and password before they can access the application, and will only be granted access if they have been assigned a subscription to that application.

In addition to this URL, your application provider may also provide a specific URL to access the application. Please contact the application provider for this URL.

If you belong to more than one Tenant Account

Should you have access to an application through multiple Tenant Accounts, you will be prompted to select the Account under which you will access the application (and will have whatever securable permissions to the application granted to you by the selected Account):

The Tenants listed in the pulldown will include only those Tenants through which you have a subscription to the application version that you are trying to access. 

Please note that once you have launched an app under a specified Account, that Account will be used for accessing the application throughout the duration of your current User session. While some applications (such as the Account Portal) may provide a mechanism to switch Tenant Accounts, if a given application does not provide such a mechanism you must log out of the Platform and then re-access the application, which will allow you to select a different Account.

Application Maintenance

On occasion your application provider may need to make updates or revisions to your application.  When this happens, you will be greeted with a Maintenance page when you attempt to launch the application.

Please note that during this time you will also be unable to purchase new subscriptions to the application, and will also be prevented from amending or upgrading existing subscriptions.  Your ability to perform these transactions will resume once the maintenance process is complete.