This is documentation for Apprenda 7 and 8.
Documentation for newer version is available at

Change Your Account Administrator

Once you have added other Users affiliated with your Account (see: User Creation and Management), you may choose to transfer the designation of Account Administrator to one of them.*

  1. From your Account Profile page, look to the Account Administrator box on the lower left side of the screen.
  2. Click on the Change Administrator button.
  3. In the type-ahead search field that appears, hit (Ctrl + space) to see all of the Users associated with your Account.  You may then select a new Account Administrator by clicking on one of the Users that appears in the generated list.      

To search for a particular User, type part of the User’s name or e-mail address in the field, which will return all Users that meet your search criteria.

You may then select a new Account Administrator by clicking on one of the User Accounts that appears in the generated list.

Once you have selected the User  you would like to designate as Account Administrator, click the Save button.

Please note: Changing the Account Administrator is a Securable.  This means that only the Account Administrator or a User assigned to a Role that is given permission to change the Account Administrator can perform this function.  Once you designate another User as the Account Administrator, you will not be able to undo this action, nor will you be able to access any of the Account Portal administrative features unless you have been specifically assigned to a Role in which such permissions are explicitly given (for more information, see Managing Account Portal Securables).

As a security measure, the User designated as Account Administrator always has full access to all administrative features of the Account Portal, and the Account Portal is set up so that your account must have a designated Account Administrator. By making it impossible to limit or turn off the administrative access of the Account Administrator, and by requiring that a account always have an Account Administrator, the Account Portal ensures that there is always a User with the capabilities to access administrative features.

* Your Platform Operator also has the ability to change your Account Administrator through the Access>Tenants section of the System Operations Center.